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Sept. 12, 2022

005. II: Halter Roundtable w/ Alexandra Strom & Elizabeth Beauchamp

005. II: Halter Roundtable w/ Alexandra Strom & Elizabeth Beauchamp
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Have you heard of The Breeder's Halter Futurity, otherwise known as the BHF? We sat down with Alex and Elizabeth to get the full scoop on this awesome futurity, and got some great insight into the industry itself as well.

For all the longe line lovers out there, be sure to listen to the end for some big $$$ secret! 

The BHF is happening this week, September 13th-17th in Des Moines, Iowa. To learn more about this futurity, visit their website here.

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Alexandra "Alex" Strom

Artist/horsewoman/real estate agent

I got involved with halter horses specifically in the mid 90's after my sister and I found a spectacular paint colt while visiting someone's barn. We had been horse girls our whole life, but that's when we were bitten by the halter bug. I am a long time real estate agent originally from California, now living on a ranch in Oklahoma with my folks, my sister, her husband and 3 kids and a whole bunch of horses and other critters. It's truly a family affair.

Elizabeth Thompson-Beauchamp

Florist. Mom of 2. Event planner. Halter enthusiast.

Born and raised on driving and riding Belgian horses. First quarter horse as a gift on Easter at age 9. Showed 4-h. As a young adult I had moderate open showing experience. Always had a love of beautiful horses.first halter horse was Givesmechillz. My first aqha congress was the 50th and then it exploded from there!