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Sept. 19, 2022

006. II: Anxious in the saddle? Get the fix with Meredith Brisson

006. II: Anxious in the saddle? Get the fix with Meredith Brisson
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Do you have trouble with anxiety or nerves when you're taking that first step into the arena? Do you tell yourself to 'just relax'? Listen along as Industry Insider, Meredith Brisson gives direction on how to make show days easier to sit. 

We all know the pre-show jitters, and some of us experience them ten-fold when it's our turn to jog into the pen. Meredith breaks down in easy to digest pieces on making our show days more enjoyable.

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Meredith Brisson, LICSWProfile Photo

Meredith Brisson, LICSW

Equestrian Mindset and Courage Coach

Meredith’s passion is helping riders get the most out of their time in the saddle by enhancing their physical and technical training with skills that promote emotional agility and mental clarity. She comes to this work as a life-long rider herself, who has competed to the Advanced Level in Eventing and has obtained her Silver Medal in Dressage.

After obtaining an advanced degree in clinical social work at Smith College School for Social Work, Meredith has developed a thriving private coaching practice that uses both traditional and holistic techniques to help riders find a sense of mastery, pride, and accomplishment in their time in the saddle.