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Oct. 17, 2022

010. In The Pen with Farley McLendon

010. In The Pen with Farley McLendon
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Have you ever wanted to take a ride in the hunt seat pen? Farley got to deep dive with us on what she looks for with her prospects, and we chat about what it has been like training these athletic horses and being involved within the industry as a trainer. Follow Us on Facebook!
Farley MclendonProfile Photo

Farley Mclendon

Trainer, mom, daughter

I’m 41, originally from Georgia and now reside in Stillwater Oklahoma. We have approximately 70 acres, show barn and cattle. I have 2 children Ellie and Cross.
I grew up riding and playing select soccer. I originally planned on being a soccer coach but the horses drew me back in and I gave up my amateur card in the early 2000s. I specialize in futurity hunter under saddle horses. I’ve been fortunate to be an AQHA Lvl 3 reserve WC, Lvl 2 world champion, nsba world/reserve champion and congress champion. Even though I specialize I appreciate a talented horse in any discipline.
If I have spare time I love to travel. I also love red dirt music and enjoy going to concerts.