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Nov. 21, 2022

015. Bid for a Cause with Jane Backes

015. Bid for a Cause with Jane Backes
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It’s a perfect week to bring in the spirit of holiday giving. Today we talked with Jane Backes about her background in the horse industry, the two stallions she has standing in 2023, and the upcoming Audrey Grace Benefit Auction, which benefits the New Horizons’ home for sexually and physically abused children. In this episode, you can learn the backstory of how this benefit auction came about and also what fantastic items and stallion breedings are available this year. There is something for everyone in the auction, horse enthusiast or not, and it goes towards a tremendous cause! The auction runs Monday, December 5th, through Sunday, December 11th.

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Jane Backes

Special Events Director New Horizons Breeding and showing horses for over 40 years Owner of The Best Principle and A Ghost Machine