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Dec. 5, 2022

017. Industry Insider with Kelsey Keathly

017. Industry Insider with Kelsey Keathly
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Welcome back to another episode of On The Rail Podcast. Our guest, Kelsey Keathly, sits down with us and we discuss all her involvement she's had within the industry growing up and now running her own business full time. Kelsey has worked hard in creating her photography and marketing business, and sometimes it comes at a heavy toll. Mental health, time management, and remembering to live a little are all topics we touch on in today's episode. 

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Kelsey KeathlyProfile Photo

Kelsey Keathly

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Kelsey is a lifelong horse show addict, currently based out of Northern Illinois. She grew up showing her gelding, Investers Norfleet, at APHA and PtHA events in the Northeast. In 2011, as a senior in high school, Kelsey took her passion for horses & design and started Norfleet Marketing. She added the photography side of the business in 2017. In the years following, Norfleet acted as the official photographer for more than 50 shows in 12 states.

At the end of 2021, Kelsey made the decision to step away from horse shows to focus on the portrait photography & graphic design sides of Norfleet, as well as her 4 year old daughter, Kailee. In 2023, Kelsey intends to make her return to the show pen aboard her new prospect, Suddenly Rugged.