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Jan. 9, 2023

022. Industry Leader: Barb Delf

022. Industry Leader: Barb Delf
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Ever wonder what goes into making these funny things we call tail extensions? In today's episode, we talked to Barb Delf, owner of Custom Tails. We got the nitty gritty on tail extensions. Barb was on the forefront of tail extensions when they first became "a thing" in our horse show world. We talk about how she got started, tips for buying the right tail even if you have a unique horse, and how to best care for your investment. She gives a pro tip we didn't know soap! Give it a listen! Check out her inventory here! Follow us on Facebook!

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Barb Delf


Owner of Custom Tails, located in Blue Grass, Iowa. We specialize in custom tail extensions for horses, and all related services. 2023 will be the start of our 25th year in business.