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Jan. 23, 2023

024. Industry Insider with Dr. Shelley Grissom

024. Industry Insider with Dr. Shelley Grissom
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We're BACK (pun intended!) with another On The Rail Podcast episode for an in-depth discussion with leading equine chiropractor, Dr. Shelley Grissom. As our guest expert, she shares her knowledge and expertise on maintaining optimal spinal health in horses, including identifying common misalignments and addressing them with gentle adjustments, and exploring the connection between equine chiropractic care and overall well-being. This podcast is a must-listen for horse owners, trainers, and riders looking to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of equine chiropractic care.

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Shelley Grissom


Dr. Shelley Grissom, DC
Grissom Equine Chiropractic