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Jan. 30, 2023

025. In the Pen with Kelly McDowall

025. In the Pen with Kelly McDowall
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This week we cover Horsemanship with trainer & judge Kelly McDowell. Kelly has coached many AQHA World Champions in Horsemanship, including the two-time reigning AQHA Amateur World Champion. We talk about what makes a standout horsemanship horse, what gets you noticed as a rider, and maybe even a little bit of what not to do! Is horsemanship really about a great rider or a great horse? Kelly has a unique way of coaching his clients that may surprise some of you, but there's no denying he gets the results. We bet there is a helpful snippet of information in this episode for everyone!

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Kelly McDowall


I have been a professional horse trainer for approximately 39 years (I started in high school). My wife and I own and operate McDowall Quarter Horses in Franktown Colorado. I have trained, exhibited, and coached several AQHA, NSBA, and APHA world champions as well as Congress champions in trail, western riding, hunt seat equitation, western pleasure, and 7 world champion horsemanship riders (5 AQHA, 1 APHA, 1 NSBA). I train Quarter horses for and coach youth, amateur, and select riders from all walks of life and from all across the United States. I am a member of the board of directors for NSBA, and on the Professional Horsemans council for AQHA.