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Feb. 6, 2023

026. Amateur Power Hour with World Class DIY'ers

026. Amateur Power Hour with World Class DIY'ers
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In this episode, we are delighted to chat with three World title winning APHA competitors who have smashed through the often perceived glass ceiling of being a DIY'er. This is a very candid conversation about the realities of being a DIY amateur competing regularly at the highest levels in the horse show industry. These ladies talk about how they got started, how they became successful, and most importantly, how they stay on top of their game. Get ready to have your self-imposed beliefs challenged and also feel inspired whether you, too, are a DIY'er or not!

Lindsay McLainProfile Photo

Lindsay McLain

APHA Amateur All Around Exhibitor. World and Res World Champion, Multiple Top 20 finishes and Honor Roll wins. Heavily involved in the Iowa Paint Horse Club and Zone 5 Committee.

Sabrina SeehaferProfile Photo

Sabrina Seehafer

Forensic Scientist

I grew up showing horses in Kansas with my sister, Megan. We started showing open & 4-H horse shows. In the 1994, we transition to showing Paint shows around the Midwest. When I went to college and graduate school, I got out of horses and showing. Upon completion of my graduate studies on the east coast, I moved back to back to the Midwest for job as a forensic scientist. Megan convinced me to start riding again & I started helping her at the shows in 2009. I remembered how much I loved being around the horses & riding again. In 2011, my sister let me share her amateur show horse to start showing in the newly developed Amateur Walk-trot division. I have been showing in the Amateur Walk trot division still today & focus on the showmanship, horsemanship, equitation, and trail. Occasionally, I will show the hunter under saddle and western pleasure, but pattern classes are my true passion. All of our horses are located near my sister and I live over 4 hours away from the barn. Horse showing has become a huge stress reliever for me and has helped me maintain a healthier work/life balance.

Megan SeehaferProfile Photo

Megan Seehafer


I'm an Amateur exhibitor and primarily show APHA All around (showmanship, horsemanship, equitation, western riding and sometimes trail). I grew up showing open shows in Kansas and have been showing APHA since 1994. I also have a small broodmare herd (well really just 1) that I breed every other year. I enjoy working with the babies and preparing them for Longe Line and In Hand Trail.

I graduated from William Woods University. There I started out as an equestrian science major but figured out that I didn't want a career in horses but rather wanted a career that would fund my horses, so I changed my major to accounting. I'm a healthcare auditor and I've been in that position for over 20 yrs.