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April 3, 2023

034. Industry Leader: Suzannah Fuhrman &

034. Industry Leader: Suzannah Fuhrman &
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Welcome to On The Rail! In this episode, we chat with Suzannah Fuhrman, the Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Suzannah shares her journey from her time working at ESPN to launching GoHorseShow and the monthly digital magazine, GoMag. GoHorseShow (GHS) is one of the leading websites and magazines for the horse showing community.


Suzannah discusses her background in the horse industry, how she was able to utilize her experience and expertise to transition from ESPN to launching GoHorseShow, and what she enjoys most and least about running the website and magazine. Additionally, she shares some insights into the routine creation and development of GoMag.


As the horse industry continues to shift and evolve, Suzannah discusses the changes she's seen during her time at GHS and the value of advertising for exhibitors. She also shares what she would still like to accomplish with GHS and how interested parties can get involved with advertising.


Join us as we delve into the world of horse showing and get an inside look at what it takes to run one of the most successful websites and magazines in the horse industry with Suzannah Fuhrman of Subscribe to On The Rail Podcast today to stay up-to-date with the latest in the horse showing community.


Please note: At our core, we value high-quality audio and strive to deliver the best listening experience possible. Regrettably, this podcast episode has a few very minor trouble spots that fall short of our usual standards. We appreciate your understanding and hope that valuable content in the episode more than makes up for any shortcomings in the audio quality!

Suzannah Fuhrman

GoHorseShow Co-founder & Executive Vice President

Suzannah Fuhrman is an Emmy Award winner who spent nearly a decade with the sports television goliath, ESPN. A lifelong competitive equestrian, she has a proven track record of visionary entrepreneurial expertise in the horse show world.

Suzannah spent her childhood in California splitting time between showing horses and attending professional and college sports events. A graduate of Lake Forest College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Fuhrman landed her dream job at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut upon graduation. Throughout her tenure, Fuhrman’s responsibilities included interviewing both professional and college athletes, conceptualizing and writing feature stories and producing live television shows. She earned high-profile producer positions on shows such as SportsCenter and Outside The Lines and covered live NFL, MLB, NBA and Nascar events. While with ESPN, Fuhrman was promoted three times and awarded a highly coveted Emmy Award for Sports Journalism.

Fuhrman parlayed her resources at ESPN into a position with the Major League Baseball Players Association where she was employed for three years. Working side-by-side with the Director of Licensing, Fuhrman facilitated licensing deals between Major League Baseball players and Major League Baseball licensees.

Fuhrman was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 2001 and decided to leave the security of the MLBPA to become her own boss. A lifelong equestrian competitor and World Champion exhibitor, Fuhrman identified a need in the equestrian market for the online resale of pre-owned horse show clothing. She founded Show Me Again, the first online business of its kind, and quickly dominated the market on a national basis.

In 2008, Fuhrman sold Show Me Again to pursue her next entrepreneurial venture, GoHorseShow and the coordinating monthly digital magazine, GoMag. With her husband, Landon Fuhrman, they conceptualized, designed, developed and continue to operate the online business that changed the landscape of how the industry advertises and gets its news. Launching in June 2008, GoMag was the very first digital magazine in the industry and has published over 175 issues in that time. Fuhrman’s primary responsibilities include sales, social media management, and customer relations while also overseeing website content. GoHorseShow will celebrate its 15th year in business in 2023 and has solidified itself as the industry's leading online resource for everything horse show related.

In 2023, she will celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary to fellow horseman, Landon and has a daughter, Caroline who is an AQHYA World Champion. They reside in Dallas with their three great dogs, Bruno, Tory and Buddy.