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April 10, 2023

035. Industry Insider: Chelsea Sinclair on Equine Reproduction

035. Industry Insider: Chelsea Sinclair on Equine Reproduction
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On this episode of On The Rail Podcast, we sit down with Chelsea Sinclair, a faculty member at Clemson University's Animal and Veterinary Sciences department, as well as an accomplished breeder, competitor, and stallion owner/manager. Chelsea holds an MS and PhD in equine reproduction and has a wealth of knowledge to share on the topic.


We start off by learning more about Chelsea's personal background in the horse industry before delving into her current breeding, raising, and showing activities. Then, we get into the nitty-gritty details of multiple breeding technologies. We discuss the ins and outs of live cover, cooled and frozen semen, embryo transfer, frozen embryo, and ICSI. Chelsea gives us insights into what each method involves, who it's best for, and the average success rates and costs associated with each.


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Chelsea SinclairProfile Photo

Chelsea Sinclair

Senior Lecturer/Equine Breeding Program Manager

Lifelong horse enthusiast, owner, and competitor. I have a BS in Animal and Veterinary Sciences from Clemson University, a MS and PhD in Animal Sciences and Industry from Kansas State University, both specializing in reproductive physiology with emphasis on reproductive endocrinology and reproductive management. I am currently on faculty at Clemson University and I manage the University Equine Breeding Program. I am both a stallion owner (AQHA/APHA stallion, No Doubt This Is Hot) and mare owner, as well as an AQHA/APHA/NSBA competitor.