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On The Rail Podcast

About Us

The newest podcast bringing to light the American stock horse show industry & all that it has to offer! Jog along as we deep dive with industry leaders & professionals to get the full scope of our community. You can train with the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. 


About Our Hosts

Liz Moorman


Hi there, I’m Liz, a co-host of the podcast! I am a small town, Ohio woman that has always had big dreams. As a Millennial, creator, equestrian, and caffeine addict, I’ve always had this obsession with wanting to be my own boss. Thankfully, I’ve been enchanted with this industry since I was a little girl. I remember taking that first ride through the entry gate & now I am getting to live the dream of being my own boss – in an industry I love! I am the owner & editor of the digital fashion magazine,Millennial Cowgirl, that is dedicated to the fashion in the show pen. Think of it as the Equestrian Vogue. If you ever catch me at horse shows, you'll see me with a Monster in hand & a smile on my face! Come say hi!


Jenna Tolson


Heyyyyyy, I'm Jenna, the other co-host of the podcast! I too am from a small town, mine is located in Central Kansas. I was the typical horse-crazy little girl who eventually talked her parents into lessons. Lessons lead to schooling shows which lead to buying a horse which lead to multiple horses which lead to moving to the country so my sister and I could live out our horse dreams. I am a former DIY'er turned always improving amateur, a perpetual horse collector (I fall in love with them too easily), and an entrepreneur - the owner of my online-based fitness coaching business dedicated exclusively towards equestrians,Ride Fit Life, LLC. I show at APHA & NSBA circuits and play cheerleader for others! Please stop me if you ever see me! You'll get bonus points if you have champagne, cheers!