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JANUARY 8, 2024

074. A Transparent Discussion on Western Pleasure with Katy Jo & Aaron Moses


We have a thought-provoking conversation with renowned Western pleasure trainers, Katy Jo Zuidema and Aaron Moses. After rehashing thoughts about the recent HUS podcast with Lainie DeBoer, they dive deep into the intricacies of western pleasure training, discussing the evolution of the sport, training philosophies, and the balance between maintaining tradition and adapting to modern trends. 


They dissect the high stakes of the western pleasure world, highlighted by Aaron's candid reflections: "We've made our standard a freak," and "We have to know where to present the horses that are not the freaks."


Katy Jo and Aaron share their extensive experience, offering unique insights into the training process, horse-rider dynamics, and the future of western pleasure. This episode is a must-listen for any industry insider on one of the more controversial topics we have. Saddle up for this one. It’s pretty good.


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