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049. In The Pen with The Spell's

049. In The Pen with The Spell's

In the latest episode of On the Rail Podcast, world champion trainers Wade and Laura Spell reveal the secrets behind their successful training program and maintaining a positive barn dynamic with their customers. Despite the rigors of major horse showing, Wade and Laura Spell consistently light up the barn with their infectious enthusiasm and a sprinkle of mischief. How do they manage it?

We dive deep into their experiences as married business partners, their career highlights, and their unwavering passion for their work. Wade and Laura generously share advice for owners and amateurs, shedding light on the keys to success in the barn family dynamic and offering valuable insights for fellow trainers.

Tune in to gain personal insights from Wade and Laura Spell, and be sure to follow On the Rail Podcast for engaging discussions and captivating stories from the world of horse training!



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