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052. The National Championships with APHA

052. The National Championships with APHA

Join us as we sit down with Diane Alves and Melanie Cox-Dayhuff from the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) to discuss the improved and upcoming Eastern and Western National Championship shows. They share their respective roles within the organization, with Diane as chair of the APHA Western National Show Host Committee and President-Elect, and Melanie as chair for the APHA Eastern Host Committee and Immediate Past President.

Gain insights into the APHA National Shows and the intent behind them, along with the exciting prizes associated with these prestigious titles. Discover the selected venues for the 2023 APHA events and what makes them special, as well as the social activities planned to foster engagement and build a strong community among APHA members.

Don't miss this engaging episode filled with valuable insights, and be sure to follow On the Rail Podcast for more captivating conversations with industry leaders.




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