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053. Amateur Power Hour with Scott Cooper

053. Amateur Power Hour with Scott Cooper

We dive into the world of APHA amateur competitor and life of the party, Scott Cooper. He shares insights into his daily life with horses in sunny California, even during challenging times like his favorite horse being out of commission. Scott also discusses his recent lease of a new horse and his summer goals while his beloved horse heals.

We get a glimpse into Scott's show experiences, including how he manages nerves and prepares for the show pen. He shares his favorite class to show in and what keeps him motivated and engaged in the show horse world. You won't want to miss his hilarious take on TikTok and his unique goals for creating content.

Tune in for a candid and entertaining conversation with Scott Cooper, and be sure to follow On the Rail Podcast on your favorite platform for more engaging discussions and inspiring stories from the equestrian world.




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