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On The Rail

069. Hunt Seat Biomechanics with Lainie DeBoer

069. Hunt Seat Biomechanics with Lainie DeBoer

Join us on On the Rail Podcast for a compelling episode featuring the return of Lainie DeBoer, a respected figure in the AQHA world. In this deep-dive discussion, we revisit the standards of Hunter Under Saddle, sparked by Lainie's insightful and viral Facebook post. We talk about her views on the myths surrounding stride length and head position, and unravel the biomechanics that might advocate for a change in perspective.

The conversation takes a critical turn as we examine the horse industry's reactions to her post, from endorsements to critiques. Lainie addresses the need for a focus on animal welfare, the role of judging, and the diversity of horse presentation including a deep discussion over the latest in AQHA's Performance Alteration Testing.

This episode isn't just about analysis; it's about action. Lainie outlines her vision for achieving balance in hunter under saddle classes, integrating these ideals into our training and judging. Tune in for an episode that promises to enlighten and inspire change for the betterment of our horses and the sport.




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