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075. In The Pen with Alyse Roberts

075. In The Pen with Alyse Roberts

Dive into the inspiring journey of Alyse Roberts in this episode of On the Rail Podcast. As the founder of Alyse Roberts Performance Horses, Alyse shares her transition from early equestrian experiences to creating a thriving training business.

We explore Alyse's dedicated path in specializing in hunter under saddle horses, providing an in-depth look at the current dynamics of this discipline. Alyse offers her perspective on industry changes and their influences on training and competition.

Alyse is celebrated for her skill in working with challenging horses, and she discloses her journey in developing these abilities. She shares effective techniques and strategies for training complex horses, emphasizing the significance of adaptability in managing the difficult ones.

This episode also highlights Alyse's career milestones, reflecting on her memorable achievements and the evolution of her professional mindset and business approach. Alyse's involvement in the Tomorrows Horseman project through NSBA is another focal point, where she recounts her impactful experiences and learning as a recent participant.

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