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On The Rail

059. Making History with Kristen Galyean

059. Making History with Kristen Galyean

Join us for a special episode of On the Rail Podcast with Kristen Galyean. We're diving into the unforgettable VS Dispersal Sale and what's next for Kristen and her family in the horse industry. Kristen shares the emotional highs and behind-the-scenes moments of hosting this historic event at her ranch in Claremore, Oklahoma. From the sale of legendary stallions to shifting focus to cutting horse breeding, we'll cover it all. 

Kristen also reflects on her role as a mom and expresses gratitude for the industry support. Plus, find out about her pre-sale nightmare and the experience of loping around on Waylon one last time. Is she getting out of the pleasure industry entirely? Is it possible for someone like Kristen to feel the "burnout" that is so relatable right now? Don't miss this candid and heartfelt conversation!



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