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On The Rail

066. A Season For the Kid in All of Us

066. A Season For the Kid in All of Us

As the holiday season reminds us of the spirit of giving, On the Rail Podcast invites you back into the world of philanthropy with Brian Isbell Garcia. This episode uncovers the story of 'For the Kid in All of Us,' a charity that has brightened the lives of many children in Metro Atlanta. From the humble beginnings of the Toy Party to the distribution of over 48,500 backpacks, learn about the monumental efforts that have brought joy to underprivileged families.

Brian Isbell Garcia also shares the profound connection between the horse community and the charity's goals, highlighting acts of kindness that resonate with shared values. Hear about the future visions for 'For the Kid in All of Us' and how your support can extend the reach of this mission. If you're inspired to make a difference, visit and join Brian in championing this noble cause during the season of generosity.




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