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On The Rail

068. Add More Leg Mod Talk

068. Add More Leg Mod Talk

Join us for a no-holds-barred episode of On the Rail Podcast with the moderators of the 'Add More Leg Community for Breed Show Amateurs' Facebook group. Jenna, John, Jenn, and Candice tell us how they navigate the trials and triumphs of managing a vibrant online community of almost 7,000 members. We'll share hilarious moderation moments, the surprising twists of group discussions, and how this digital tribe keeps its cool when the group chat heats up.  

Dive into the quirky side of horse people on social media and get a glimpse of the unfiltered backstage with our moderator superlatives— who's known as the moderator team's “nice guy?” Plus, hear how they tackle the most common curveballs thrown by group members.  

If you’re craving an insider’s laugh and a bit of sarcasm with your equine enthusiasm, this one’s for you. Help us grow by liking, sharing, subscribing or following, and leaving a review for On the Rail Podcast.




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