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070. CA$H FOR COLOR with Michelle Johnston

070. CA$H FOR COLOR with Michelle Johnston

Step into the world of color breed horses with Michelle Johnston in our latest episode. We shine a spotlight on the CA$H FOR COLOR Program, discussing its foundation, goals, and the significant impact it aims to make. Michelle guides us through the program's philosophy, revealing how it benefits stallion owners, breeders, and exhibitors with clear eligibility criteria.

Discover the dedicated efforts behind building CA$H FOR COLOR and its focus on supporting Color Breeds. We also explore the program's promotion strategies, highlighting its presence at The Color Breed Congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the pivotal role of the stallion service auction.

As we discuss the enrollment process for stallions and the nomination of offspring, the episode gives a comprehensive overview of the program's mechanics. Michelle shares insights into the program's potential growth and its anticipated influence on the wider industry.

Tune in to grasp the full scope of CA$H FOR COLOR and how it's shaping the future of color breed horse competition and breeding. Visit for more details and get involved in this innovative program.



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