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073. Jumpstart Your Year with Co-Host Jenna Tolson

073. Jumpstart Your Year with Co-Host Jenna Tolson

Happy New Year from On the Rail Podcast! Kick off 2024 with inspiration and motivation in our latest episode featuring cohost Jenna Tolson and her transformative Ride Fit Life program. As we embrace new beginnings and set our resolutions, Jenna's journey from fitness reluctance to creating a successful online coaching business for equestrians is the perfect catalyst for your health and fitness goals.

In this enlightening conversation, Jenna discusses the unique challenges and opportunities of combining equestrian life with fitness and nutrition. She shares invaluable insights and practical advice, debunking common myths and highlighting the importance of tailored fitness routines for riders. Whether you're a rider aiming to elevate your performance or someone looking to integrate fitness into your equestrian lifestyle, Jenna's expertise offers a fresh perspective on staying fit and healthy.

Join us in welcoming the new year with a focus on self-improvement and wellness. 

You can visit Ride Fit Life, LLC, at, or on Facebook.

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