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On The Rail

076. No Foot, No Horse with Dr. Steve O'Grady

076. No Foot, No Horse with Dr. Steve O'Grady

In this informative episode of On the Rail Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Stephen O'Grady, a renowned veterinarian and farrier with a wealth of experience in equine podiatry. Dr. O'Grady shares his journey from farrier apprenticeship to veterinary science, highlighting his unique approach to hoof care. He discusses various hoof-related issues like managing mismatched front feet, club feet, low heels, and the complexities of navicular syndrome. Dr. O'Grady emphasizes the critical role of trimming and explores advanced treatments like spider plates and wooden shoes. Throughout the episode, Dr. O'Grady shares valuable tips and practices, drawing from his rich experience in treating a wide range of hoof-related issues in horses.

Discover more about Dr. O'Grady's work and access a wealth of informative articles on his website.

Here is a visual of the spider shoe referenced in this episode:




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