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077. Amateur Hour with David Miller

077. Amateur Hour with David Miller

In this episode of On the Rail Podcast, we explore the captivating story of David Miller, a former professional horse trainer who gracefully transitioned back to being an amateur. David shares insights from his extensive background in the Quarter Horse, Paint, and USEF worlds, highlighting his achievements as a World Champion, Congress Champion, and a member of the AQHA and NSBA board of directors.

Discover the pivotal moments that led David from a successful professional career to embracing the amateur status. He candidly discusses the personal and health challenges that influenced his decision and the emotional impact of leaving a life deeply intertwined with his identity as a horseman.

David's story is more than a career shift; it's about his enduring love for horses, his connection to the industry, and finding a new path in the equestrian world. This episode is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of horse enthusiasts, offering a unique perspective on balancing personal life with professional ambitions.

Join us for an inspiring discussion that illuminates the complexities of navigating a career in the horse industry and the courage it takes to forge a new path. David's journey is a powerful reminder of the enduring passion at the heart of every true horseman.

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