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085. The AQHA Professional Horsemen Academy with Jill Clark

085. The AQHA Professional Horsemen Academy and Jill Clark

In the latest episode of On the Rail Podcast, we chat with Jill Clark, DVM, a dedicated select amateur with a deep-rooted passion for the equine world. Jill shares her unique journey into horse showing, starting with her early roles in movies as a child that funded her first show horse.

Jill discussed her significant contributions to the AQHA community through the Professional Horsemen Endowment Fund and the Professional Horsemen Academy. Inspired by a story from Bruce Walquist and recognizing the financial struggles faced by professional horsemen, Jill and her husband took action. They initiated the endowment fund to provide sustainable support for professionals in crisis, offering not just emergency financial aid but also educational resources for effective business management.

The episode covered the importance of communication between trainers and amateurs, ethics, and the continuous need for education in the equestrian industry.





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