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In The Pen with Mathis Show Horses

087. Gettin' Ranchy with Shannon Quinlan Hill

Nestled in the heart of horse country, Mathis Show Horses, operated by the dynamic duo of Adam and Pasley Mathis, has become a beacon for aspiring riders and horse enthusiasts. Located in Camden, South Carolina, this facility isn't just about training top-notch show horses; it's about passion, lifelong learning, and a profound commitment to the horse industry.

A Conversation with the Mathis

In a revealing conversation, Adam and Pasley Mathis shared insights into their journey, their philosophies, and their thoughts on the future of Western Pleasure. Their story is not just about horses; it's a testament to the power of dedication, love, and hard work.

Adam's entry into the world of horses was almost serendipitous, with early days spent trail riding through the woods to a local arena, unknowingly setting the stage for his future career. Pasley, on the other hand, was born into the sphere, with parents who were horse trainers themselves. Both Adam and Pasley's journeys through various barns and mentors enriched their skills and shaped their approach to horse training — a blend of patience, respect for the horse's individuality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Training Philosophies and Practices

At Mathis Show Horses, training is more than a routine; it's a tailored approach that respects each horse's uniqueness. "Every horse is their own," Pasley noted, underscoring the importance of adapting training methods to fit each horse's specific needs. This adaptability is a cornerstone of their success, allowing them to develop show horses that not only excel in competitions but also are marketable, useful animals.

The couple also touched upon the importance of the 'feeder system' and ensuring the sport remains accessible and appealing to newcomers. They advocate for more weekend horse shows to support state-level competition and encourage participation across all levels. Adam and Pasley believe that the success and sustainability of Western Pleasure hinges on balancing the allure of major circuits with the grassroots appeal of local and state competitions.

The Future of Western Pleasure and Young Riders

Adam and Pasley are optimistic about the future of Western Pleasure, viewing it as a growing, vibrant discipline. They call for a collective effort to make the sport more inclusive and affordable, thereby ensuring its longevity and appeal to younger generations. Adam reiterated the importance of effort and persistence, encouraging young riders to stay committed. "All you got to do is show them you'll try," he said, affirming the supportive nature of the horse training community.

Reflections on NSBA's Tomorrow's Horsemen Program

The conversation also highlighted Adam's participation in the NSBA's Tomorrow's Horsemen program, which he credits with significantly influencing their decision to start a family and further solidify their business. The program facilitated a deeper understanding of running a successful training operation beyond horse training itself, emphasizing the importance of financial planning, customer communication, and strategic growth.

Mathis Show Horses: Looking Forward

As Mathis Show Horses looks to the future, Adam and Pasley are focused on continuing their work with young horses and riders, contributing positively to the sport they love. They expressed profound gratitude for their mentors, customers, and the broader horse community for the support and camaraderie they’ve experienced.

Their journey is a powerful reminder of the enduring bonds formed between humans and horses, and the significant impact these relationships can have on personal and professional growth. In the pen with Adam and Pasley Mathis, every day is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to celebrate the magnificent creatures that have shaped their lives.

For those interested in joining the Mathis Show Horses family or learning more about their program, Adam and Pasley welcome inquiries and conversations about how they can help you achieve your goals.

Contact Mathis Show Horses:

- Facebook: Mathis Show Horses

- Instagram: @MathisShowHorses

- Adam Mathis: +1 (843) 319-3540

- Pasley Mathis: +1 (937) 479-0494




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