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081. Exploring Animal Communications with The Equimist

081. Exploring Animal Communications with The Equimist

In this On the Rail Podcast episode, we're excited to introduce Jenna McGrath, also known as The Equimist, who joins us to share her insights into animal communication. As hosts intrigued by the possibility of connecting with animals on a deeper level, we explore Jenna's journey into becoming an animal communicator. She shares with us the evolution of her abilities, the challenges she's navigated, and the affirmations of her work's impact. We discuss memorable moments of connection between horses and their owners and unwrap Jenna's integrated approach to training that's enriched by her intuitive understanding.

This episode offers a fresh perspective on enhancing our connection with our equine companions. Remember to rate, follow, share, and leave a review if you enjoy diving into the depths of the industry with us. Your support enables us to continue exploring every facet of the stock horse show world, from showmanship to the economics shaping our passion. Join us every Monday for more behind-the-scenes revelations and in-depth discussions.

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